Hi people, we just came back from London. We arrived yesterday, actually, but it was so late and I was so tired that I went directly to bed.

But blogosphere didn’t stop this weekend, so this morning I had over 300 posts pending in my Bloglines! I managed to reduce them to 100 posts, I will have some work tomorrow!

I promise there will be a complete chronicle (as usual :P), but there are some headlines:

  • I love Muji! Betty wrote about this shop a while ago, and guess what! I already have the puzzle cookies cutter set! I can’t wait to have my puzzle shaped cookies!! They’re opening a new shop here in Barcelona, by the way.
  • The weather was great, I think these four days have been the longest period without rain in London! We even got a sunny Sunday!
  • On Saturday at the hotel, we watched a new series in Channel 4: The IT Crowd. It turned out to be really funny, and what a coincidence, it was mentioned today at Microsiervos!

And that’s all for now. I hope I can write a real chronicle soon. And don’t worry, it will be in Spanish… or Catalan, who knows! Hold on!

Digues la teva!

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